Why trustworthiness is important when talking about…well, uhh, trustworthiness. Based upon a survey by the National Association of Realtors, buyers and sellers rated honesty and trustworthiness as the most important factors when selecting an agent. But should you trust online real estate agent ratings and reviews for such an important transaction? The data that you find here is valuable to you because only clients of closed transactions are invited to give responses through our controlled, third party survey, and, we only present you with Trusted AgentsA Trusted Agent is one who allows AgentRatings.Org (A division of Stand Out LLC) to survey every closed-transaction client while a member, and who achieves a 4.1 or higher (on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the highest) using a proprietary algorithm based on the level of client satisfaction. We encourage agents to order surveys for clients of closed-transactions occurring up to one year prior to enrollment. Certain rules apply to protect the integrity of the ratings..

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Meet a few Trusted Agents with recent client feedback. These professionals serve various markets in the USA. To find a professional for your market, please use the "Find" tool above.
Janet Wright
Phone: 707-344-0266
Suzi Hersom
Phone: 259-5286
Danielle Barreca
Phone: 707-481-5954
Judy Naimo
Phone: 266-8211
Virginia Morse
Phone: 707-888-2199
Jim Vanoli
Phone: 707-337-5946
Mary Holder
Phone: 707-227-4723
Lynne Lindahl
Phone: 258-5229
Carla Griffin
Phone: 707-738-8183
Giselle Lampe
Phone: 707-266-8086
Michael Backhus
Phone: 258-5226
Robyn Torp
Phone: 707-287-4769
Marcia Hadeler
Phone: 707 251-2356
Tracy Warr
Phone: 251-2366
Charlie Bogue
Phone: 258-2030
Deanna Antovich
Phone: 259-5290
Joe Brasil
Phone: 707-319-1887
Steve Gregory
Phone: 707-495-1488
Mike Hedley - Nancy Blankinship
Phone: 707-939-2610
Farrah Garber
Phone: 707-259-5256
Shawna Terry
Phone: 258-5203
Elwanda Lemay
Phone: 707-939-2628
Abe Cyphers
Phone: 707-939-2634
Bradbury and Pardini
Phone: 707-939-2615
Tom Kelly
Phone: 707-939-2650
Helaine Forte
Phone: 707-337-3415
Heli Sairanen
Phone: 258-5220
Carolyn Roberts
Phone: 258-5248
Janet Moss
Phone: 707-337-0941

Agent participation by invitation only; if you received an invitation please visit www.myagentratings.org

* Not scientific, but when performing a Google search for Agent Ratings from April 2013 to March 2014 www.myagentratings.org and our related site www.agentratings.org were most often in the #1 and #3 positions.